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  • Greg Stewart

The Church of Scotland Apology

Back in 2022 while I was a trustee for the charity Remembering the Accused Witches of Scotland I was one of a small group who worked with representatives from the Church of Scotland to seek an acknowledgement of the role the Kirk played in the historical witch trials.

By approaching the matter in a respectful manner to all, we were able to work through all the queries that arose, and we were delighted when the Church passed not only their acknowledgment but an apology for the persecution of those accused of witchcraft.

Unfortunately, the media did not pick up on it at the time, and so it went largely unrecognised and many people remain unaware of this achievement.

Below is a video with a clip from the Church of Scotland General Assembly of 2022 when the proposal was presented and accepted unanimously.

On a personal note, I remain grateful to the representatives from the church for their willingness to engage in open conversation about this dark period of history.

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