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That Awkward First Post!

It is never easy to know what to write in a first blog post! I hope by now you have been able to browse the website and you find the information to be of some interest. This all started as a real interest and passion about discovering the stories of the accused, it was difficult to believe these sort of things happened literally on the same streets we walk today.

The website is a place for me to collate and share all the information where others can also access it and hopefully find it of some interest and spur a few to go on to carry out their own research to uncover the tales of their local accused. There seems little point in spending so much time gathering information if you are not going to share it with others with a common interest.

The website, at the time of publishing this post, is at a stage where I am happy for it to go live. That is not to say it is the finished article, far from it. Over time I will start to add more details relating to the trials, mainly via blog posts to make them easy to share, although for the cases where there is a reasonable amount of information available they be posted onto the history section as longer posts, with a link from here in the blog.

I will be writing more books also, either solely about the trials or a local history book with a chapter on the trials for that area. Secret Perth is now commissioned which will include the details of the Perth trials.

Other than that, please bookmark the page and keep checking back :-) Thank you Greg

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