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  • Greg Stewart

Witch Bottles

Around a year ago I took this item into my possession to join my growing collection of items from the witch-hunt era.

While superstitions still ran strong, it became common for people to hide items around their house that they believed would prevent supernatural beings such as witches from entering their property and also to ward off the effects of their magical spells. These were particularly placed around openings such as windows, doors and fireplaces.

One method was to use small bottles, filled with liquids and herbs or other items such as nails which were believed to bring protection.

This example of such a bottle was found within the walls of a house in the south of England while it was being renovated in the 1970s. Unfortunately, the liquid inside was poured out before they realised the significance. It was quite possibly urine and contained leaves and other items. Fortunately, the bottle was not cleaned however and it was preserved.

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